Dr Karl distances himself from new Abbott government report

Posted on October 21, 2016
Karl Kruszelnicki, simply known as Dr Karl, is a famous science broadcaster who has seen a ton of backlash regarding his participation with the Abbott government's inter-generational report campaign.The report, released every 5 years, predicts how the country will function in 40 years time in terms of population size, life expectancy, public spending and the future size of budget deficits that may be experienced.

Dr Karl backs out as report fails to address climate change

Dr Karl has appeared in the marketing and advertising for the report, which can be seen and heard on the TV and the radio, as well as can be viewed in various newspapers, social media platforms and such.The campaign has caused a furore because it fails to address the risks which are imminent due to climate change. It has a limited focus on climate change and the effects that come with it. Many are in disbelief that a report that projects the future of the country forty years from now did not take into account climate change. That in itself is an insult to every Australian’s intelligence.Due to the backlash received, Dr Karl has stated that he has received verbal abuse from almost all corners, especially via social media platforms, "Hate emails, hate Twitters that I am to blame for the one-quarter of scientists being fired from CSIRO, that I am to be blamed for somebody's daughter having to pay a huge amount for her education for a science degree.”

Dr Karl's reputation is tainted as flood of hate mail is received

In his defence, Dr Karl maintains that he had read only a small section of the report itself before agreeing to be a part of the advertising campaign due to the fact that the rest of it was under embargo."I did it on the grounds that it would be not for any political party but for the Government of Australia as a non-political, bipartisan, independent report," he told the ABC's AM program."I thought that people would know the difference between a report and a policy document."And this actually, as a report, seems to have some policy in it."The Dr has now come to the full realisation that he has put he’s name (and reputation) on the line due to associating himself with such a hit report which is very politically motivated and also completely ignores the devastating consequences of climate change on the whole."It should have acknowledged that climate change is real and we cause it and it will be messy.”"I shouldn't have done it if there wasn't enough about climate change."Dr Karl has confessed that the only reason he wanted to be a part of the ads is because he enjoyed planning for the future while at the same time supporting aspects of the report, such as issues of ageing of the population and the impact that the end of the mining boom will have.

Recent report controversy starts much needed conversation

At the end of the day the old adage “ as long as everyone is talking about is, the its all good” comes to mind, because the previous IGR 1 (back in 2002) didn’t receive half as much media and social attention as this current one is receiving.Dr Karl takes full responsibility of he’s actions, even though they may have been quite noble to begin with my referencing a famous Aesop Fable:“The scorpion says to the frog: ‘Can you take me across the flooded river?’ And the frog says: ‘No, you’ll stab me and kill me’.”“And the scorpion says, ‘No, I won’t do that because I’ll drown myself’. And the frog says: ‘Yes, you’ll drown.’ So the frog says: ‘Hop on my back’, takes him half way across the river and the scorpion stabs him.“And the frog says: ‘Hey, you stabbed me, I’m going to die! And so are you! Why’d you do that? Are you crazy?’ And the scorpion said: ‘I can’t help it. It’s my nature.’Photo by: Ruth Ellison on Flickr