Clean Energy Council Backs Victorian Solar Light Reviews

Posted on October 24, 2016
The Clean Energy Council endorses the products marketed by Victorian Solar Light, which are considered as a good source for Melbourne solar power. Coming on the heels of relevant certification from TUV, ISO, IEC 61215, MCS, and CE, the company proves to be one of the bigger players in the solar energy industry, and is expected to continue being so with the steady stream of Victorian Solar Light Reviews coming along. To date, it is considered as a primary supplier of wholesale solar energy paraphernalia utilised by big companies.Asked regarding the advantage of patronising this brand, many clients cite service features such as quick three-day installation, up to 25 years of solar panel efficiency warranty, and German Brand Inverter 15 year guarantee. The certification from the Clean Energy Council comes at a time when Melbourne solar power is at its peak, enjoying huge popularity among residential and commercial consumers alike who are taking advantage of the significant savings offered by renewable solar energy. With these new set of qualifications, the company is bound to receive more green rewards such as government rebates and subsidies.

About Victorian Solar Light

Victorian Solar Light is a master distributor for the reputable German brand IRES, who they work with very closely. IRES produce high standard, industry-quality solar products that are tailored to customer's needs.Victorian Solar Light also stock and supply solar equipment from reputable brands in the solar energy industry which include Conergy, DeltaLGGerman SolarSMA, and Power-One. The main product marketed by the company includes solar installers such as solar panels, for both residential and commercial use, as well as industrial solar panels with geographical focus on the state of Victoria. The company also gives tips on how to take advantage of government supported subsidies and rebates which could be derived from the use of clean energy, of which solar power’s the most popular.Find out what our viewers are saying about Victorian Solar Light