Tesla Powerwall To Hit Australian Shores Before Christmas

It looks like Christmas has come early for Australian solar customers following Tesla’s announcement that its Powerwall battery storage system will be available in Australia before Christmas this year. Tesla Powerwall price This past week, the electric vehicle giant announced a number of Australian solar installers that will be distributing the Powerwall. These companies include energy retail giant Origin Energy as well as Simply Energy, ...

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The Age of Energy Storage

The combination of solar integrated storage solutions and efficient grid technology emerging has started the age of energy storage.The battery storage sector's rapidly progressing market over the last few years has stamped the beginning of a significant transition of how businesses, homeowners, utilities and government agencies use energy.More affordable prices and a large increase in revenue have resulted in higher enthusiasm and public ...

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the age of energy storage

The Past, Present, & Future Of Electricity In Australia

Let’s be honest, the cost of electricity has made a huge contribution to the high cost of living and the difficulties Australian families experience in balancing their family budgets. According to a survey carried out by Ernst & Young in October 2014, a third of all Australians missed a payment for their electricity usage in the last 12 months.The fact of the matter is that Australians are hurting and power bills should no longer be a ...

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Girl looking at high electricity bill