Is Your Power Company Ripping You Off?

The wholesale cost of electricity is almost always the focus of power companies when asked why energy costs are rising. The reason for this focus is it's the one cost that your power company can blame on you.As energy consumers, we are told that if we reduce our consumption and increase energy efficiency we will see direct savings in our next electricity bill. This leads us to believe that rising electricity costs are purely a result of ...

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The Looming Sunset Of The Solar Credits Subsidy

Originally published on CleanTechnica. By Darryn Van HoutAustralia boasts the highest penetration of residential solar in the world, with one in five households now powered by the nation’s abundant sunshine. While the debate over solar and wind tax credits rages on, the government’s decision to slash various incentives hasn’t affected the ever-rising investment in solar energy. The prevailing strength of the solar industry ...

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Looming Sunset of Solar Credits Subsidy 2