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The Continuous Improvement Philosophy

Kaizen is a common term in Japanese meaning “change for the better” or rather “continuous improvement”. This is a Japanese business philosophy that relates to those processes that continuously improve operations while involving all workers at every level.This philosophy was founded on the belief that everything you can think of can actually be improved ...

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5 Ways To Recession-proof Your business

If tomorrow’s media headlines screamed of a potential disaster and consumer sentiments plunged to the floor, what would that mean for your business? Would you be afraid or stay optimistic about new opportunities that would emerge? Or become worried wondering whether you will withstand the crash?

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How Parenthood Made Me a Better Entrepreneur

Parenthood or to be even clearer—Having a baby has completely changed my life and business. Here’s how. My partner was once brutally honest with me when she told me I was too selfish to be a father. She was incredibly accurate because I was selfishly consumed by my other baby — Business, and was proudly a childless bachelor at the time.   ...

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