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Richard Branson’s Take on Climate Change

Let me incept this piece with a quote from the British magnate and billionaire, Sir Richard Branson, which goes, “whatever your goal is, you will never succeed unless you let go of your fears and fly.”Love him or hate him, Sir Richard Branson is by all measure, a master of success with unstoppable entrepreneurial zeal that has given him an edge across many ...

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Big Four Banks Fueling the Fire with Billions To Fossil Fuels

Australia’s large-scale renewable energy sector is once again facing the prospect of “falling off a cliff” unless effective long-term financing strategies are established.In 2015, a report by Bloomberg pointed to financial distress in the renewables industry as the main reason why investment in large-scale renewable energy industry fell by 90 percent in the ...

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Behind the Scenes of the Solar Storage Revolution

Battery storage is increasingly becoming an attractive and viable option for homes in Australia. The disruptive technology, which is moving faster than expected, is set to revolutionize the way Aussies access electricity--helping more homes to stay independent of the national grid.Storage batteries are indeed the holy grail of renewable energy and a significant ...

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