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Energy retailers are calling for tarriff reforms to fight solar

As solar power continues to gain popularity in many parts of Australia, the industry is facing challenges from the big power companies that are lobbying for tariff reform from Federal and State Energy Ministers. In effect what Big Business power companies want to do is charge extra to those that use solar energy.Electricity networks believe tariff reform ...

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Behind the Scenes of the Solar Storage Revolution

Battery storage is increasingly becoming an attractive and viable option for homes in Australia. The disruptive technology, which is moving faster than expected, is set to revolutionize the way Aussies access electricity--helping more homes to stay independent of the national grid.Storage batteries are indeed the holy grail of renewable energy and a significant ...

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The Past, Present, & Future Of Electricity In Australia

Let’s be honest, the cost of electricity has made a huge contribution to the high cost of living and the difficulties Australian families experience in balancing their family budgets. According to a survey carried out by Ernst & Young in October 2014, a third of all Australians missed a payment for their electricity usage in the last 12 months.The fact of ...

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