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5 Ways To Nurture A Virtual Culture That Keeps Employees Connected

Globally and prior to the novel coronavirus pandemic, the traditional wisdom was that offices were vital for culture, productivity, attracting and nurturing talent. It wasn't a surprise to see companies fiercely compete for prime office space in notable urban centres as it's clear that they share the focus on solutions aimed at promoting collaboration. Co-working, open-office designs and condensed were the craze. Not anymore.

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Stop Thinking In Tasks And To-Do. Start Thinking Goals And Outcomes

Over the years, I have helped countless people to get to-dos and tasks completed. And if there’s any useful piece of advice that has made all the difference on how successful people handle work and productivity it’s to: Stop thinking in terms of to-dos and tasks you need to finish—and instead focus on the outcomes you want to achieve.

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You Can Earn Way More Money by Boosting Your Emotional Intelligence. Here Are 4 Ways to Do It

The road map to higher EQ is not really a destination but a journey. However, the path along the journey towards building up your emotional intelligence skills will sure pay off in greater ways than you could ever imagine, including rewarding you with a fat bank account.

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