About Me

“You can have everything in life that you want, if you help other people get what they want”

The foundation of my career has been established on sales, marketing, and business development.

I pride myself on my excellent ability to market and sell a product and my unique background compliments my ability to recruit, train, and mentor professionals to capitalise on profit.

I easily build rapport with my clients and my candidates and this allows me to identify and understand their culture to gain direction.

I am heavily involved in the online space with a focus on software development, lead generation and marketing. Day to day I manage a team of professionals across various online projects including web and app development, online marketing and social media marketing.

My exposure to the corporate world at an executive level enables me to understand my client’s needs and important aspects of their business such as growth, planning, marketing, sales, accounts, training & management, resulting in success for all parties.

I work internationally with an extensive portfolio of clients including small to medium business across Australia as well as multi-national corporations.

I’ve worked hard for the last decade building a strong network of peers and developing smart, ethical business solutions.

How I spend my time

  1. Software Development 80%
  2. Marketing & Sales 60%
  3. Network & Building Relationships 70%
  4. Entrepreneurship 90%

I’m always looking to connect with motivated, like-minded individuals. If your project could use a unique, entrepreneurial touch to take it to the next level, please do not hesitate to connect.