Are You Getting The Best Out Of Your Task Management Software

Project managers need task management software that support their project planning, assists in completing tasks and making quick checks of assigned tasks. The user should also be able to easily view and filter task lists, reprioritise tasks and view what’s next in line.

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Don’t Take Rejection Personally

Three months into the year of 2021, four of my major clients backed out of our contracts almost at the same time. In no time, my monthly income plunged from $15,000 to $1,200. My world crushed insultingly; so unbelievable how all the four could leave at once. And honestly, the rejection I felt run deep.  

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Growth Hack - Don't Take Rejection Personally - Darryn Van Hout

The Continuous Improvement Philosophy

Kaizen is a common term in Japanese meaning “change for the better” or rather “continuous improvement”. This is a Japanese business philosophy that relates to those processes that continuously improve operations while involving all workers at every level.This philosophy was founded on the belief that everything you can think of can actually be improved and that nothing is status quo.The process involves ascertaining problems and ...

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How To Take Better Notes As A Sales Rep

Want to become a better sales representative and drive better results? Take better sales notes!Taking sales notes is not only an effective selling skill that makes one stand out, but it is also a valuable resource that will help you and your sales team to consolidate the entire selling process and corroborate the final purchase decision.Usually, sales people engage in a myriad of conversations with their customers and prospects; hence ...

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A Smart Guide to Connected Construction

So, how exactly does the connected construction system enable executives to design, develop and effectively manage a technology strategy capable of supporting their business objectives? Let’s find out.

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Smart Guide to Connected Construction

End To End Encryption On SMS And Messaging Platforms

Unlike Telegram, Signal doesn't give it's users the option when it comes to end-to-end encryption-It's built into every single conversation. This includes message sync between all of your devices as well as group chats.

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Supplier Relationship Management in Small Business

In order to maintain profitability, forward-looking start-up's must adapt a systematic approach to their supply/sourcing strategy. This is when efficient supplier relationship management comes in handy. Supplier relationship management (SRM) refers to a systematic, enterprise-wide assessment of suppliers’ assets and capabilities with regards to overall business strategy. An effective SRM strategy will not only help you build strong partnerships of mutual collaboration but also help reduce risks of errors.

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Supplier Relationship Management in Small Business

5 Ways To Recession-proof Your business

If tomorrow’s media headlines screamed of a potential disaster and consumer sentiments plunged to the floor, what would that mean for your business? Would you be afraid or stay optimistic about new opportunities that would emerge? Or become worried wondering whether you will withstand the crash?

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Overcoming The Top Five Sales Objections In 2020

In the ideal world, your potential customers are willing, ready and able, thanks to the effective lead qualification process. Sadly, none of us lives in the ideal world, so obviously we should expect objections.

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Implementing A Strategy As A Team

The strategy implementation process is paramount for any company that wishes to thrive in tomorrow’s marketplace. This process features the long-term goals of an organisation and how to achieve them.Strategy implementation translates an organisation’s strategy into real action, with a main aim of achieving set targets.However, this process involves two distinct dimensions; the human aspect of strategy implementation and the process ...

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