Covid-19 Could Cause Permanent Shift Towards Working From Home

Tech companies are set to make a kill as others face a myriad of challenges especially where employees refuse to report back to the office and lean more towards working from home.Coronavirus, also known as the COVID-19, is quickly redefining workplace patterns with a working from home policy as companies are compelled by the risks of the disease’s outbreak to have their employees work remotely but chances are rife that employees may fail ...

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Darryn Van Hout Storm Assist Working Remotely

China’s Upcoming Carbon Trading Market | Darryn Van Hout

Posted on October 24, 2016

When one thinks of environmentally advanced and proactive countries, China isn't among the first to jump to mind. In fact, many associate the nation with poor air quality, lax regulation and gargantuan amounts of carbon dioxide emissions from numerous coal fired power stations. However, all of this may change soon.China's National Carbon Market, which is set to roll out in 2016, will become the world's largest by far, a giant compared to the ...

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Chinas Carbon Trading Market

Coals future looks bleak while energy storage keeps upward streak

Posted on October 21, 2016

If no earth-shaking event happens within the next 10 years, the world will see renewable energy sources such as solar and wind jump to the top of the heap in global energy leaving coal at the bottom. This is the prediction of analysts from some of the major financial firms. Even the United States Energy Information Administration was not able to foresee the astonishing drop in coal consumption in that country. But Tim Flannery, the former ...

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Coals future looks bleak while energy storage keeps upward streak

Will Telecom Companies Kill Utilities?

Posted on February 16, 2016

The energy war is truly underway around the world, and there’s one word on everyone’s lips: storage, or more specifically, the solar-plus-storage revolution.Solar-based generation has been available to the market for decades, but energy utilities have managed to keep their stronghold over the energy market. The downfall of solar power has been that it could not cater to nighttime electricity use -- relying on the larger electricity grid ...

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The Age of Energy Storage

The combination of solar integrated storage solutions and efficient grid technology emerging has started the age of energy storage.The battery storage sector's rapidly progressing market over the last few years has stamped the beginning of a significant transition of how businesses, homeowners, utilities and government agencies use energy.More affordable prices and a large increase in revenue have resulted in higher enthusiasm and public ...

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the age of energy storage