Will Telecom Companies Kill Utilities?

Posted on February 16, 2016

The energy war is truly underway around the world, and there’s one word on everyone’s lips: storage, or more specifically, the solar-plus-storage revolution.Solar-based generation has been available to the market for decades, but energy utilities have managed to keep their stronghold over the energy market. The downfall of solar power has been that it could not cater to nighttime electricity use -- relying on the larger electricity grid ...

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The Age of Energy Storage

The combination of solar integrated storage solutions and efficient grid technology emerging has started the age of energy storage.The battery storage sector's rapidly progressing market over the last few years has stamped the beginning of a significant transition of how businesses, homeowners, utilities and government agencies use energy.More affordable prices and a large increase in revenue have resulted in higher enthusiasm and public ...

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the age of energy storage