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Coal industry suffers as demand falls short of supply

2015 is fast becoming a big year for both the global oil and coal industries. Up until mid-last year, oil prices hovered over $100 per barrel, but with its excessive production paired with falling demand, the prices have significantly plunged by almost 50%. The coal industry has also been struggling. The fall in prices which was initially thought to be temporary has ...

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The Problem with Australia’s National Electricity Market

Australia is an industrialized country and one of those where greenhouse gas emissions have gone through the roof as much as 29 tons per year. In the last 20 years amount of emissions that are generated per dollar of GDP are increased, this has made it emission intensive economy holder.The biggest source for the addition of greenhouse gas to the system was the ...

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Is Your Power Company Ripping You Off?

The wholesale cost of electricity is almost always the focus of power companies when asked why energy costs are rising. The reason for this focus is it's the one cost that your power company can blame on you.As energy consumers, we are told that if we reduce our consumption and increase energy efficiency we will see direct savings in our next electricity bill. ...

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Top 20 Questions To Ask Your Solar Installer

At Australian Solar Quotes, we look out for our customers. We are here to make sure you don't get taken for a ride by an unreliable solar installer - which is too often the case for Aussies around the country. It can be hard to pick the good guys from the bad, especially if you don't know what to look out for. Check out our Solar Power Buyers Guide for the inside ...

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Big Four Banks Fueling the Fire with Billions To Fossil Fuels

Australia’s large-scale renewable energy sector is once again facing the prospect of “falling off a cliff” unless effective long-term financing strategies are established.In 2015, a report by Bloomberg pointed to financial distress in the renewables industry as the main reason why investment in large-scale renewable energy industry fell by 90 percent in the ...

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Australia Readies For Second Solar Boom as PV Costs Fall

As the fall in manufacturing costs of solar PV systems - projected at about 10 to 15 percent per year - continue to hold in the international market, the future of large-scale solar in Australia is poised to play out well, causing a watershed moment in coming weeks. The ARENA tender, which is scheduled for release in a fortnight, will become a catalyst for over $1 ...

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