Richard Branson’s Take on Climate Change

Let me incept this piece with a quote from the British magnate and billionaire, Sir Richard Branson, which goes, “whatever your goal is, you will never succeed unless you let go of your fears and fly.”Love him or hate him, Sir Richard Branson is by all measure, a master of success with unstoppable entrepreneurial zeal that has given him an edge across many different niches.The multi-billionaire philanthropist and founder of a slew ...

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Richard Branson and Darryn Van Hout in Brisbane

Coal industry suffers as demand falls short of supply

Posted on October 31, 2016

2015 is fast becoming a big year for both the global oil and coal industries. Up until mid-last year, oil prices hovered over $100 per barrel, but with its excessive production paired with falling demand, the prices have significantly plunged by almost 50%. The coal industry has also been struggling. The fall in prices which was initially thought to be temporary has persisted, and due to a similar over-production of supply, coal continues to ...

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Coal industry suffers as demand falls short of supply - Australian Solar Quotes

The Problem with Australia’s National Electricity Market

Australia is an industrialized country and one of those where greenhouse gas emissions have gone through the roof as much as 29 tons per year. In the last 20 years amount of emissions that are generated per dollar of GDP are increased, this has made it emission intensive economy holder.The biggest source for the addition of greenhouse gas to the system was the electricity generation and it contributed 34% in 2005 to emit these gasses ...

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Senate proposal may help RET see the light of day

Posted on October 21, 2016

Ever since Tony Abbott became Prime Minister of Australia, the renewable energy industry has suffered and begun going backwards.From the day Prime Minister Abbott was sworn in, he and his party have blocked the RET, previously implemented by the Labor Government, and instead promoted the Direct Action plan all while championing coal.The actions taken by the Coalition Government has embarrassed Australia on a g...

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Senator Jacqui Lambie - crossbench senate proposal - renewable energy target

Renewable Energy brings new life to Australian manufacturing sector

Innovation, sophistication and creativity are words that are becoming increasingly common when describing the future of the Australian manufacturing industry. Presently, Australia’s manufacturing industry is experiencing an upsurge in activity, turnover and most importantly returns.Truth be told, the rise of renewable energy in Australia has created economic opportunities that can’t be overlooked. As a matter of fact, the Pew Charitable ...

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Renewable Energy and Australian Manufacturing Sector