Printed Solar Cells To Stick On Your Roof, Wall And Windows

Solar power harnessing technologies are moving forward in various forms, and are expected to have a significant impact on the accessibility and affordability of electricity for everyone on the planet.In recent years, there has been rapid growth in research aimed at enhancing solar cell efficiency, and now there’s more renewed interest in the design and development of printed organic solar cells, thanks to the fact that they are solution ...

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Printed Solar Cells from Newcastle Australia

Tesla vs. BMW i8 for NSW Police investment

The BMW i8 and Tesla Model S are simply futuristic and a real game changer for the high-powered fleet. Both boast rechargeable battery packs, and come loaded with six figure price tags. They are also manufactured by the world’s technology intensive, forward looking brands.

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Australian Power Purchase Agreements — Diving Into Digital Solar

In the last decade, solar power adoption in Australia has greatly soared, making solar power the most popular source of renewable energy*. Around 15% of all Australian homes have rooftop solar panels installed, but the difference in figures between rental properties and owner-occupied properties is huge.Reports say that 1% of the rental property market has solar PV panels installed, but thanks to Melbourne-based tech startup Matter, things ...

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Australia Power Purchase Agreements

Behind the Scenes of the Solar Storage Revolution

Battery storage is increasingly becoming an attractive and viable option for homes in Australia. The disruptive technology, which is moving faster than expected, is set to revolutionize the way Aussies access electricity--helping more homes to stay independent of the national grid.Storage batteries are indeed the holy grail of renewable energy and a significant element to the massive transition from fossil fuels. The lithium-ion battery to ...

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Solar storage revolution

Tesla Powerwall To Hit Australian Shores Before Christmas

It looks like Christmas has come early for Australian solar customers following Tesla’s announcement that its Powerwall battery storage system will be available in Australia before Christmas this year. Tesla Powerwall price This past week, the electric vehicle giant announced a number of Australian solar installers that will be distributing the Powerwall. These companies include energy retail giant Origin Energy as well as Simply Energy, ...

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