Solar Scammers – The Fake Solar Lead

Posted on February 13, 2018
There is no doubt that business is competitive, cut throat, dog eat dog.. Or at least in the Australian solar industry. For many armature web-entrepreneurs, the solar industry is ripe for the picking. Wheather it's digital marketing, lead generation, social media marketing or even online reputation management, the good and the greedy are back. This time, it's with the Fake Solar Lead!Solar scams are not just targeted at homeowners looking to save with solar energy. Solar scams are also targeting reputable industry professionals, or related entities that work hard to deliver a high quality service in the interest of partnering their strengths with other businesses to deliver products and services that will enable both parties to grow.I have been in the solar industry for twelve years now. Eight of those years in the online space. Over the years, I have seen hundreds of different vindictive tactics, scams and malicious activity, all of which can be damaging. Who is behind the malicious activity will always be in question.When I come across malicious activity that is aimed at threatening my business efforts, I give myself a pat on the back and do some internal investigating. Over the years, I have kept it to myself. After all, it's the ability to identify, isolate then overcome that enables my online business to grow. Perhaps I should thank the bottom feeding peasants that are threatened by my business. After all, it is them who help me develop systems to counter the attacks on my brand and reputation.

The Fake Solar Lead Scam

No body likes paying for damaged goods. Nobody likes paying for fake solar leads. Let's look at today example of a fake lead and the motive behind the timeless exercise.
  1. 1. A lead is processed on Australian Solar Quotes
  2. The address is for Newcastle in NSW - And validated from our address validation function
  3. The email address has not been validated as it is not a requirement on my system. We do however check.
  4. The phone number is valid, and when called, there is someone on the other side of the line ( +61414458552 ). Now the number is coming out of NSW also, so this is consistant with the NSW address that has been input.
  5. The name use is Nopitty Popenope - Getting creative!
  6. The IP Address traced upon submission of the fake solar lead is - Looks like it's coming from the heart of Sydney. In fact, when I look close enough, it's right where one of my competitors operates out of. (as per the address listed on their Facebook listing).
Again, I am not pointing any fingers. I'm just giving you some food for thought. Something to think about and look out for. It's good to know who you are doing business with and what they are capable of.Click on the picture below and have a look for yourself.3Quote Sydney Solar ScammerNow I am not condoning this kind of activity in any way as I conduct my business professionally and honestly. I can however see why a competitor to Australian Solar Quotes would do this.
  1. Perhaps they have an influx of leads in the region and would like to know who our customers are so that they can approach them
  2. Perhaps they feel threatened by Australian Solar Quotes, and by entering false or fake leads into our system, they feel that they will be able to compromise the integrity of my business
  3. Maybe they are testing our system, checking what we do, the funnels that we use and the follow up strategies that we have in place.
  4. Perhaps they are sick of seeing our advertising
  5. Could even be related to a new employee, or an increase to an employee's sales targets or KPI's
  6. Maybe someone is just having a bad day
At the end of the day, this kind of activity is discussing and one to be ashamed of. Someone thinks that they are being smart, cleaver, or have the upper hand. All I can say is that it doesn't look very good at all. I hope that whoever is responsible for this wakes up to themselves and grows some balls.Every minute that is spent trying make someone else's business look bad is a minute wasted. This time could be used enhancing your own strengths and abilities. No body likes the sales rep that sells by bagging out their competitors.I would like to apologise to two of my valued and loyal customers, Positive Solar and Quick Fix Solar & ElectricalStay tuned. I have plenty more things to share with you. Things that you should look out for when your running an honest business.If you have come across any similar activities, then leave a comment or write to me. I'd love to hear about it.